Below, a ‘publication network’ highlighting nodes and connections among the research topics I mostly work on!

List of publications (since 2016) sorted by macro-categories

Vegetation ecology

  • De Toma, A., Carboni, M., Bazzichetto, M., Malavasi, M., & Cutini, M. (2022). Dynamics of dwarf shrubs in Mediterranean high‐mountain ecosystems. Journal of Vegetation Science, 33(4), e13143.

  • Sperandii, M.G., de Bello, F., Valencia, E., Götzenberger, L., Bazzichetto, M., Galland, T., …. , & Leps, J. (2022). LOTVS: a global collection of permanent vegetation plots. Journal of Vegetation Science, e13115.

  • Malavasi, M., Bazzichetto, M., Komarek, J., Moravec, D., Moudry, V., Rocchini, D., Bagella, S., Acosta, A.T.R. & Carranza, M.L. (2021). Unmanned aerial systems-based monitoring of the eco-geomorphology of coastal dunes through spectral Rao’s Q. Applied Vegetation Science, 24(1), e12567.

  • Bazzichetto, M., Sperandii, M.G., Malavasi, M., Carranza, M.L, & Acosta, A.T.R. (2020). Disentangling the effect of coastal erosion and accretion on plant communities of Mediterranean dune ecosystems. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 106758.

  • Filibeck, G., Sperandii, M.G., Bazzichetto, M., Mancini, L.D., Rossini, F., & Cancellieri, L. (2019). Exploring the drivers of vascular plant richness at very fine spatial scale in sub-Mediterranean limestone grasslands (Central Apennines, Italy). Biodiversity and Conservation, 1-25.

  • Sperandii, M. G., Bazzichetto, M., Gatti, F., & Acosta, A.T.R. (2019). Back into the past: Resurveying random plots to track community changes in Italian coastal dunes. Ecological Indicators, 96, 572-578.

  • Sperandii, M. G., Bazzichetto, M., Acosta, A.T.R., Barták, V., & Malavasi, M. (2019). Multiple drivers of plant diversity on coastal dunes: A Mediterranean experience. Science of The Total Environment, 652, 1435-1444.

  • Bazzichetto, M., Malavasi, M., Acosta, A.T.R., & Carranza, M. L. (2016). How does dune morphology shape coastal EC habitats occurrence? A remote sensing approach using airborne LiDAR on the Mediterranean coast. Ecological indicators, 71, 618-626.

Invasion ecology

  • Renault, D., Hess, M. C., Braschi, J., Cuthbert, R. N., Sperandii, M. G., Bazzichetto, M., … & Massol, F. (2022). Advancing biological invasion hypothesis testing using functional diversity indices. Science of The Total Environment, 155102.

  • Bazzichetto, M., Massol, F., Carboni, M., Lenoir, J., Lembrechts, J.J., Joly, R., & Renault, D. Once upon a time in the far south: Influence of local drivers and functional traits on plant invasion in the harsh sub-Antarctic islands. Journal of Vegetation Science, 32(4), e13057.; Recommended by PCI Ecology

  • Malavasi, M., Barták, V., Jucker, T., Acosta, A.T.R., Carranza, M.L., & Bazzichetto, M. (2019). Strength in Numbers: Combining Multi-Source Remotely Sensed Data to Model Plant Invasions in Coastal Dune Ecosystems. Remote Sensing, 11(3), 275.

  • Marzialetti F., Bazzichetto M., Giulio S., Acosta A.T.R., Stanisci A., Malavasi M., & Carranza M.L. (2019). Modelling Acacia saligna invasion on the Adriatic coastal landscape: An integrative approach using LTER data. In: Mazzocchi MG, Capotondi L, Freppaz M, Lugliè A, Campanaro A (Eds) Italian Long-Term Ecological Research for understanding ecosystem diversity and functioning. Case studies from aquatic, terrestrial and transitional domains. Nature Conservation 34: 127–144.

  • Bazzichetto, M., Malavasi, M., Bartak, V., Acosta, A.T.R., Rocchini, D., & Carranza, M. L. (2018). Plant invasion risk: A quest for invasive species distribution modelling in managing protected areas. Ecological Indicators, 95, 311-319.

  • Bazzichetto, M., Malavasi, M., Barták, V., Acosta, A.T.R., Moudrý, V., & Carranza, M. L. (2018). Modeling plant invasion on Mediterranean coastal landscapes: An integrative approach using remotely sensed data. Landscape and Urban Planning, 171, 98-106.

Species distribution modelling

  • Da Re, D.^, Tordoni, E.^, Lenoir, J., Lembrechts, J.J., Vanwambeke, S. O., Rocchini, D., Bazzichetto, M.^ (2023). USE it: uniformly sampling pseudo-absences within the environmental space for applications in habitat suitability models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 14(11), pp 2873-2887. (

  • Bazzichetto, M., Lenoir, J., Da Re, D., Tordoni, E., Rocchini, D., Malavasi, M., Barták, V., Sperandii, M. G. (2023). Sampling strategy matters to accurately estimate response curves’ parameters in species distribution models. Global Ecology and Biogeography.

  • Marchetto, E., Da Re, D., Tordoni, E., Bazzichetto, M., Zannini, P., Celebrin, S., … & Rocchini, D. (2023). Testing the effect of sample prevalence and sampling methods on probability-and favourability-based SDMs. Ecological Modelling, 477, 110248.

  • Rocchini, D., Tordoni, E., Marchetto, E., Marcantonio, M., Barbosa, A. M., Bazzichetto, M., … & Malavasi, M. (2023). A quixotic view of spatial bias in modelling the distribution of species and their diversity. npj Biodiversity, 2(1), 10.

Beach litter

  • Poeta, G.^, Bazzichetto, M.^, Gallitelli, L., … & Malavasi, M. (2022). One year after on Tyrrhenian coasts: The ban of cotton buds does not reduce their dominance in beach litter composition. Marine Policy, 143, 105195.

  • Battisti, C., Bazzichetto, M., Poeta, G., Pietrelli, L., & Acosta, A.T.R. (2017). Measuring non-biological diversity using commonly used metrics: Strengths, weaknesses and caveats for their application in beach litter management. Journal of coastal conservation, 21(2), 303-310. ^ Shared first authorship.

  • Poeta, G., Battisti, C., Bazzichetto, M., & Acosta, A.T.R. (2016). The cotton buds beach: Marine litter assessment along the Tyrrhenian coast of central Italy following the marine strategy framework directive criteria. Marine pollution bulletin, 113(1-2), 266-270.


  • Malavasi, M., Bazzichetto, M., Bagella, S., Barták, V., Depalmas, A., Gregorini, A., … & Bagella, S. (2023). Ecology meets archaeology: Past, present and future vegetation‐derived ecosystems services from the Nuragic Sardinia (1700–580 BCE). People and Nature, 5(3).

  • Yannelli, F., Bazzichetto, M., Conradi, T., Pattison, Z., Andrade, B.O., …. , & Sperandii, M.G. Fifteen emerging challenges and opportunities for vegetation science - A horizon scan by early career researchers. Journal of Vegetation Science, e13119.

  • Rocchini, D., Iannacito, M., Thouverai, E., Marcantonio, M., Da Re, D., Bacaro, G., Bazzichetto, M., Bernardi, A., Foody, G.M., Furrer, R., Larsen, S., Lenoir, J., Malavasi, M., Montaghi, A., Moudrý, V., Naimi, B., Payne, D., Ricotta, C., …, Wegmann, M. (2021). rasterdiv: an Information Theory tailored R package for measuring diversity from space: to the origin and back. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 12(6): 1093-1102.

^ Shared first authorship.